Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It makes me sleep, Gman, not so much

Last night I'd had enough of the tossing and turning and popped a little blue pill. I didn't warn Gman ahead of time. On the rare occasions when I just need to sleep and resort to pharmaceuticals he has been quite entertained by my nocturnal flopping about. I remember waking up sometime in the middle of the night to him petting my hair. I remember mumbling I took something, rolling over and slipping back into a fitful sleep.

This morning in our usual morning check-in call I asked how he was and he said something along the line of "hosed." Concerned, I asked if I had kept him awake. He said yes, it was me. Although I remember nothing but the aforementioned petting, apparently I was all over the bed and full of things to mumble about. So much for a drug-induced nights sleep. Perhaps I should invest more in the deep breathing and warm milk and less in the hope of sleeping like the lady in the commercial with the butterfly (or is that a moth) flying through her dreams.

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