Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Run Fat Girl, Run

Ugh, the diet is not going so well. I don't know if my body has kicked into the mode where it needs to store up for the winter or if it is my "running piglet qi" but mostly I've been watching my weight bounce up and down. Why? Simple answer carbs, glorious carbs! Mostly sugary ones. Girl scout cookies (85 cases anyone?) abound, apple pie, pumpkin spice cake, pumpkin bars, donuts. I've fallen off the wagon and the only reason I can get up is because of running.

Buildermama and I are running an 8K (~5 miles) at the Richmond Marathon on November 15. To get ready I've been running at least 3 times a week, I'm up to a little over 4 miles and this weekend is scheduled for 4.5 and I am going to do a 5K race back home this weekend at my college Homecoming.

While we are home we will also be celebrating my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. My sister and I wanted to plan a trip for them. Mom decided she'd rather have lunch at a local restaurant instead. My sister and I said we'd take care of it. I took care of the inviting, my sister took care of the menu. Of course Mom had to put in her two cents. Let's hope her menu choices this time are more successful than at Thanksgiving when she insisted that no one likes pecan pie (because she doesn't).

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