Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Observations from the classroom

Last night I was telling the girls that our friends' son Christopher had fixed our car.

Boobah: I have a Christopher in my class.
Me: I know Christopher.
Boobah: He pees sitting down.
Me: How do you know that?
Boobah: I could see him on the potty (giggle, titter)

Me: Did you talk to Mrs. Sparkly today at preschool.
Boobah: Yes, I always talk to Mrs. Sparkly, I like her. I don't like Ms. Not So Sparkly
Me: Why not?
Boobah: Because she doesn't have good hair.

It was particularly interesting given that Ms. Not So Sparkly told me at my parent conference that Boobah really likes Mrs. Sparkly an chats her up every day. I have really mixed feelings about her not returning to the preschool next year but the mid-day running between the school and day care is making me far less productive than I need to be.

PDQ came home today with her second report cards, all 1, 2, I and W--really I don't anything more than she does what they ask and her effort is generally satisfactory. Being considerate to others is one of the things she seems to excel in, in addition to her report card she came home with a certificates for good citizenship and exemplary attendance. I am so glad to know that her interactions with other people are positive, she is learning to read, she is learning math but I don't know that you can teach someone to get along with others.