Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy Valentiversary

February 19 G-man and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary--sometimes it is hard to believe its only been 7 years, other times it seems like we've been together forever. We are not always very good about communicating what we expect when it comes to gift giving occasions. This year however, I had an answer for him--I want a camera of my very own. We've been out shopping, none of the stores have had the camera I think I want with power so I could try it out. I love internet shopping but I want to touch the thing that will allow me capture our lives now to reflect over later.

About 2 years ago Scott announced that he wanted a fancy camera for Christmas and, oh by the way, my sister was getting married Labor Day weekend and if he could get the camera before that he could be the official photographer. I got him the camera and ever since he's been carrying it with him pretty much everywhere he goes. He's taken thousands of pictures, he's done wedding pictures, family pictures, nature pictures, and lots of candid pictures. It has provided me with lots of git giving opportunities as well--flashes and light boxes and lenses oh my! So, given his equipment and skill, why do I want my own camera?

I've discovered that since ceding the picture taking responsibilities to Scott, the recording of our lives all comes from his perspective--what he finds cute, endearing, funny, beautiful or meaningful is what is reflected in all of our pictures. There has been more than one "discussion" of the fact that there is not a single picture of Boobah's face with her cake at her second birthday party but there are 20 of the frog who met its maker in our patio umbrella. Sure the frog pictures are cool, as are the photos of the giant green horned tomato worm, but these are not the pictures that I want to use to fill my scrapbooks. I want Mommy pictures.

Writing here has given me a place to express my perspective on our lives. Although we talk about things, its interesting to read our take on the same event. Someday I think the girls will appreciate our different takes on life. I can't wait to have a camera that I'm not afraid to take somewhere because I might screw it up or don't want to have to take a suitcase full of accessories with me.


Mayberry said...

Sounds like he needs his own scrapbook for "gross things found in the backyard."

It'll definitely be fun for you to have your own!

Esmerelda said...

He DOES have his own, unique, perspective! I can't wait to see what you do !

g-man said...

I look forward to it too. There have been times when I feel I have missed out on something because I was too busy trying to capture it for all time. Aside from the perspective differences I am looking forward to those pictures that will undoubtedly come as a result of the phrase "Damn, I'm glad I had my camera for that one!"