Friday, March 23, 2007

In search of MILFdom, week 10

I was having a great week. By mid-week I was down another 2.5 pounds and the middle number had changed. Then Aunt Flo arrived for a visit and poof, back came the weight. I also wonder if the Group Power class I took last night makes me retain water while my muscles desperately try to repair themselves. The class is fun but seriously hard, non-aerobic work. Looking around the room at the ladies with arms with no dingle-dangle makes me stick it out! It might also have something to do with the fact I slacked on water for a couple of days as well.

The good news for the week, several people noticed I was losing weight! I weigh enough that a pound or two doesn’t make a difference. Last night, two women at church, who had no idea that I’ve been trying to lose weight made comments about how much it looked liked I’ve lost. I wanted to kiss them both! I am generally not good at accepting compliments but I told them both thank you, I’d been working really hard, thanks for noticing! Definite incentive to keep it up. The other good thing, my pants are loose (well, at least my fat pants). Especially in the thighs which is definitely my problem area. I look like I have two giant cauliflower attached to the outside of my upper thighs, they are absolutely mutant. Over the last couple of weeks they’ve become a bit less pronounced—still awful but at least a little less awful.

I worked out 6 times last week, it was nice to be able to get outside and walk last Sunday afternoon. It was a bit chilly but felt good to get outside in the sunshine and move. The rest of the week it was the gym—spinning class, elliptical, group power class. I am only two stamps away from getting my t-shirt in the gym challenge. I need to get in a game of racquetball with Esmerelda or Gman this week.

No new foods this week, just a real understanding that water DOES make a huge difference, as does fiber. Gotta have my high fiber English muffin or wrap every day or I just can’t get near my daily allotment of fiber.


Gretchen said...

Very good!

g-man said...

'Course you failed to mention that your adoring husband told you that you are still a hottie :)

Tree said...

Good job!

And I believe you are incredibly hard on yourself.

Builder Mama said...

Great job! Okay, want a new food for fiber...try the Fiber One bars in Oats and Chocolate. It's like eating a candy bar and you get 35% of your daily fiber with chocolatey goodness. How can that be bad?

I hate the scale too. I was down 2 pounds, then back up 1. Argh.

MPPs Mom said...

great job!
more details on the water part please.....what kind of difference and how much has an impact?

yerdoingitwrong said...

GOOD for you! You rock at getting to the gym!!

I hate aunt flo. gah.

Anonymous said...

You are doing an awesome job!!!! Don't beat yourself up and just enjoy the's a bumpy one but look at you go!

sillychick said...

Great job!

Awesome on getting noticed, too! It's hard when you tell someone you've lost (in my case) 16 pounds and they say, "Oh! I thought you looked a little thinner in the face!" Gah!

Keep it up!