Monday, March 26, 2007

Where the heck did the weekend go?!

I used to crave the weekends, it seemed like we actually had some downtime and there was a chance to relax. Lately, I just don't get that feeling. We have managed to escape the Sunday Curse the last few weekends but I've headed into Monday morning wanting nothing more than to lay in bed and snuggle under the covers.

This weekend we had something going on everyday--Friday was youngest stepson's band concert so we drove the half hour over there. His band was good, the elementary/middle school band was painful to listen to, all those clarinets squawking along. Then we had to wait for him to change his clothes at his mom's house, and I suspect pack as well. After dropping by McDonald's to harass his big brother in the drive thru, we got home and it was after 9PM. I know, I am such an old lady, out until 9 on a Friday night!

Then Saturday started with a skating lesson at 10:15AM. Esmerelda met us there and took on kid duties so Gman and I could attend a wedding. I thought it was small and that meant it would be short, no dice, we were there for nearly 4 hours. So we got home around 4PM after stopping off to get the girls from Es. We invited her over for dinner and started the Sushi festivities when we got home. I tried to watch the Ohio State vs. Memphis game while I was trying to manage the kitchen. We made the sushi, we ate the sushi, Es and her Mom headed out and it was 8PM on Saturday night. The girls got showers and I thought we were good to relax. Ha! In looking at PDQs hair I saw a few suspicious looking brown specs. Aggggggghhhhhhhh, the lice were back. I thought we had eradicated them and were lucky enough to avoid them the second time around when everyone else at daycare got them--guess not. Gman and I were up until nearly 1AM giving everyone the Ceptaphil treatment; washing and/or drying sheets, pillows, and stuffed animals; and calling the daycare providers and our friends who'd had our kids recently.

Finally, Sunday, the day of rest. Yeah, right. We headed to church, then PDQ and I met friends for the local ice rink's Spring show. When it was over we headed to Dick's to acquire the needed stuff to start soccer next week--cleats and shin guards. By the time we hit the road for home it was after 4! Another day sucked down the tubes. When we got home all the girls cared about was playing in yard. Thankfully the little girl next door indulged them and they all hung out together. By the time we were done with dinner I realized that we hadn't even opened PDQs backpack from last week. Sure enough, her poetry journal and book-in-a-bag needed to be done. A bath, a hair check and time for bed--for all of us!

When PDQ told me she had a stomach-ache this morning I was almost relieved. I've worked all day but in the relative peace & quiet of my own home. I did eventually put on clothes.

The worst part of all, I know its going to get worse. There will be ice skating, soccer, youth group, and whatever else they dream up. Right now its only one kid, what happens when they are both old enough to do activities. I was talking to the neighbor last night and my head was swimming when she told me her 2nd grader had something EVERY night of the week and wanted to do ice skating but there was no time. I hope PDQ doesn't find out about it because there is no way I can keep up!


Builder Mama said...

Holy crap, the lice are back? Ye gods!

I totally understand about the activities. Right now the 2 nights of tae kwon do a week are killing me slowly. Yeah, I'm a totally selfish wimp.

Heather said...

Yep, the kid who started them came back to daycare with them again. We thought we escaped easy with only one go around. Obviously I got it really early this time. The Cetaphil thing was pretty easy as well, just not starting at 8 on Saturday night and including a trip to Target. Trying to get things clean to go to bed is a real PITA.

Tree said...

I hope the lice go away for good. That sucks, MM.

I hear you on activities. We had N in two days/wk tae kwon do, 2 days/wk of soccer. I realized it was too much when he never wanted to go to tae kwon do. So we dropped it. We will pick up swimming again soon, but that is only once/wk.

sillychick said...

Not sure if I left this tip or not before but...vinegar for the lice.

I got it when I was working in a day care in my early 20s. Those were the days of loooong, spiral permed hair. Yeah, good times. I did all the over the counter treatments to no avail (probably because I had so much friggin hair, those buggers were hiding!) I finally called the health dept and they told me to drench my hair with vinegar and then wrap it up in a plastic sack and let it sit for 1/2 hour.

Though it smelled alot like Easter at my house, it got rid of it. And my hair was be a u tiful because it strips all the gunk out.

Just an FYI