Monday, May 21, 2007

I need sleep before my head pops off

I. Am. Tired. It seems that no matter what I try I can't sleep well. One night in the last week I slept for 5 straight hours and I was seriously excited about it. That is how bad the sleeplessness has gotten. I tried to "save" myself from falling off a swing last weekend and in the process wrenched my shoulder and neck, during the day they aren't so bad, at night they are making it nearly impossible to find that one comfy spot to sleep and when I do finally find it and sleep in it for any length of time, I wake up with a sore neck. So after a week of not sleeping much and a night of sleeping nearly not at all, Sunday morning I blew my top at Gman over something stupid. I yelled and screamed, ranted and raved, and felt totally out of control. Thankfully he yelled back, we calmed down, we kissed, we made up and got it over with early in the day avoiding the Sunday curse. I felt a little nuts, it was a totally over the top reaction to something stupid. Maybe its more than insomnia, maybe there is something else going on. When I go for my yearly gyn exam I am going to take my sleep log and beg him for some help. He is generally a good listener and has common sense approaches to things. My GP has pretty much ignored me to date (and that really pisses me off) other than giving me some Ambien to help break the cycle. It has given me a night or two of relief but it leaves me feeling stupid in the morning.

Back to acupuncture tomorrow. I am so hoping he can work some of his magic and either keep working on the not sleeping thing or give my neck enough relief that I can sleep a bit better. Although it hasn't cured the insomnia it has generally left me feeling better overall. I have to admit its a guilty pleasure for someone to tend to me for an hour every week and I can leave feeling de-stressed and have something to think about as well.

The much awaited answer to the 9 lies and a truth. Despite the overwhelming votes for my sexual prowess in college, I did graduate a virgin and actually held onto it for several more years. The lie is the PhD, I did 30 hours of the coursework and then I left, moved in with Gman in Maryland and never looked back.


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Well, you know that very few people feel your pain more than I do regarding sleep. Have you thought about a sleep study? Do you snore? Sleep apnea? I sure hope you find relief soon.

Heather said...

I haven't had a sleep study, I don't snore (unless I am really stuffed up). I am going to talk wtih Dr. Mark and see what he suggests. I know that at least part of it is hormonal because of the way it cycles but there has GOT to be more to it!

Judy said...

((((heather))) I'm so sorry to hear this. You know what helped me a of those memory foam pads that go over your regular mattress. I don't know why but somehow I have slept better since we put that on. No more pain pressure points.

As far as Ambien, Lunestra etc. I don't have any experience...but I hope your OBGYN can recommend something for you. I know how cranky I get when I don't get rest....hugs to you Judy