Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girly Day

Ah, I feel so refreshed! Its amazing how quickly I can fall asleep when there is no one in my bed snoring. Even when Gman's alarm clock went off at 6AM I went almost immediately back to sleep--not so much when he and the girls called at 8:21. Oddly, he was surprised that I was still in bed. Poor BuilderMama had a hellish time getting here yesterday but I'll let her tell that story. My only part in it was waiting for her at the train station with Boobah who of course had to go into the train station to pee. Then she proclaimed she had to go back to poop--of course then they were closed for cleaning and when I tried to take her in when they were done one might have thought I was going to beat her by the screaming and refusal to move. I don't know what was going on in her mind but she was not going anywhere near that bathroom. Thankfully BM showed up in fairly short order. Gman met her at the door with some Cabo Wabo and Esmerelda was here with pizza for us.

Today another one of our PIMs joined us and we headed to the mall for lunch at Nordstrom's, a trip to Sephora and then off for a pedicure. All of us got sucked into the Bare Essentuals that BM had been reading about in Beauty Confidential. We'll all be primed and ready to go with our new faces. In addition we all bought another beauty product or two. The whole time the conversation was something like my husband will never let me visit/have you come visit again! It was so much fun to have girl time at the mall without telling anyone to get out of the racks, slow down, hold hands, or stop whining.

We headed out of the mall and off to the spa. It was amazing, massaging chair, leg and foot massage. It was incredibly relaxing and so nice to share it with friends. I added a paraffin treatment. I swear my feet are the softest they've ever been. We all agreed it was incredibly relaxing. The whole afternoon was just amazing--the three of us met on a Working Moms internet group years ago but this was only the third or fourth time we've spent time together--you'd think we'd all known each other forever!


Tonight I am thankful for a chance to relax--I SO needed to relax. Here's to friends to share it with as well.


joansy said...

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. Damn living on the west coast. When is the next party in Las Vegas? I'm glad you all had a nice time.

Missing by PIMs . . .

Heather said...

I am all about coming to visit you in Vegas baby :) Poor Liz could have made it out there in the time it ended up taking her to get here.

Builder Mama said...

I'm thankful too - thanks for a great weekend, I had a wonderful time and it was so nice to have some girlie time!

Gretchen said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all!