Thursday, November 8, 2007

Work Whoa

I went to work today filled with dread. I'd been drafted to attend a meeting from 8:30 this morning until 5 this afternoon. I'd had to rearrange my day, cancel my acupuncture appointment and by 5:30 I had to be in the mode to work with the kids at church. Surprise, surprise the day was actually, dare I say, fun?

Work has been an exercise in frustration, no one believes in process, no one wants to hear what is wrong, just get it done and make it work. Don't worry about the future. Just do it. Worked for Nike, not so much for us. Today we got to spend the day with a team of 6 people dreaming up our solution for how we SHOULD do it. It was engaging, I got to hang out with people I respect, like and don't get to work with much. We shared a giggle over counting the questions from annoying finance guy in the corner. I haven't walked away from a day of working feeling so engaged and stimulated in a long, long time.

Tomorrow I have to go back and face the messes I didn't deal with today--the kick off of the auction for United Way that starts on Monday and I am not ready for, the meetings that kicked to the curb. Most importantly, I am only working half a day because one of my favorite bloggers is coming to visit and plans are on to meet up with another of our PIMs for a wild woman weekend. The rest of the family is headed to Upstate NY for the weekend. Woohoo!

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g-man said...

You're welcome. :) Have fun!!!