Thursday, January 31, 2008

Huh? Where did January go?

Somehow it seems like the holidays were just yesterday. How could we be on the cusp of the longest (despite being the shortest) month of the year? I guess I am getting old because more and more it seems like I think about how fast time is moving. Maybe its the realization that its something I have no control over and you know, I likes me some control! Gman and I were looking through some old pictures and video the other night and its hard to believe how much the kids have grown and changed in such a short time. My babies are slipping away and becoming real, honest to goodness people. Boobah summed up it well the other day when she said "Mommy, don't you think I just look like a little grown up?" Yes Boobah, yes you do.

I had such grand plans for getting organized in the new year, it hasn't exactly happened yet and the steps we have taken aren't as well maintained as I've liked. I guess we add that to the February list.

The exercise program is rocking. I am loving the tri training class despite the hard work and excruciatingly early hour for swimming. I graduated from the "learning to love the water" lane this morning which felt like a huge accomplishment--even moreso when I realized that not only could I keep up with them, I could pass many of them.

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