Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yoga with Yogi and BooBoo

Well, not quite Yogi and BooBoo but PDQ & Boobah is close enough. I decided that if I am doing this triathlon thing and I don't want to be sore and tight I need to do more stretching so I've been recording the episodes of Namaste Yoga that say they are appropriate for beginners. Last night Gman had the kids outside riding their bikes since it was reasonably warm and dry for January. When PDQ came in and saw me on the floor she had to join in. We didn't manage to finish up the episode before dinner was ready so I promised her after dinner and our food settled we'd try it again.

So after baths and bedtime snack PDQ, Boobah and I settled in to do yoga. Its hard enough to do something you've never done before while trying to watch TV and tie yourself in knots. Its even more of a challenge when out of the corner of your eye you can see a small body with arms and legs all over the place and breathing hard. Really, there is no way I could get my body into that postion, period. Then came the need for pretzels and cheese. The girl is an eating machine and must put it in a hollow leg.

All in all it was good. I felt stretched and relaxed. The girls said they want to do it again. It was fun, we were moving, and we could all do it together. I suggested Gman join us and he laughed--out loud. Stay tuned for more from Yoga with Yogi and BooBoo! (Gman took pictures but you really don't need to see my butt in yoga pants!)

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g-man said...

I think you looked hot!! The scene was really cute. I laughed because I just don't bend like that (not even as a kid)