Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is one normal day too much to ask for, really?

Crud, crud, go away

please don't come back another day

Both kids are back at school today. Boobah's fever is gone, weather was okay, thank goodness for small miracles. I on the other hand feel like something left on the bottom of the cat box. Everything kinda hurts. Of course the fact we swam at 5:15 this morning (or as Gman calls it oh-dark-thirty) didn't help. I was too tired to care what I felt like when I got up--basicaly its one foot in the suit, other foot, pull on clothes, grab bag, grab Kashi bar, open door, leave house. Go back for whatever I forgot. Actually leave driveway.

When I got home I climbed back in bed (after swimming a 1:04 50 and 2:22 100 in the time trials), wondering if Boobah would be well enough for school. Although she wanted to stay home yet again (to have Mommy and/or Daddy all to herself no doubt) she didn't have a fever and was far perkier than she has been in days! By the time I explained to PDQ that it wasn't nice to complain when someone bought you a present when it was something you asked for even if it wasn't EXACTLY which one you wanted, I dropped off both girls and distributed the Valentine's cards at Boobah's school I knew I was in trouble. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I called the trusty Mr. Don, acupuncturist extrodinaire and he paid me an office visit to try and keep it at bay. He warned I might feel awful later but this would get me through the day. Here's hoping! Three meetings, gotta get through three meeting.

Happy Valentine's Day to all, especially my dear, sweet husband with whom I will celebrate eight years of marriage next week!


Esmerelda said...


How cool for you. Good job.

Please feel better. You are a kick ass swimmer. We have a race next week!

joansy said...

Hope you're feeling well soon. I hate this crud.