Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too Hot to Handle

Poor Boobah, she has got the fever part of the "fever and cough" that have been making their way through the school, the neighborhood and the office. Yesterday morning she got dressed and then told me her forehead hurt. When I reached out to feel it I hadn't touched her and I could feel the heat. So I ended up not getting dressed at all. Of course I couldn't find the thermometer, the Mommy measurement system said she was seriously warm. I called the neighbor to see if PDQ could walk to the bus stop with them, I really didn't want to drag a sick kid to the bus stop in a sub-zero wind chill. It was amazing, an hour after a dose of ibuprofen and she was running around the house. 5ish hours later, in the midst of addressing the Valentine's cards for school, she crashed again. Its amazing how quickly it comes and goes.
Last night after Gman got home I finally ventured out for a thermometer--sure enough 103.3. She was complaining of her head, throat, ears and tummy. This morning we went to "Winter Express Hours" at the pediatrician's office. I love these people, we were in and out in half an hour without an appointment and saw one of our regular doctors. Just a virus, like everyone else in town, was the conclusion. I expected as much but unlike when I was sick, I figured I'd get a professional opinion. My kids are so seldom sick that when they are its hard to tell how sick they really are.
So Boobah and I are camped out on the couch again today. She's curled up under the blanket at my side and I am trying to do some work. As much as I hate that she is sick, I am enjoying spending time cuddled up with her. Those moments are far too few and far between these days.

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joansy said...

I hope she's feeling well soon. Mine were both down last week with something similar. It's amazing how hot those little bodies can get.