Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chocolate covered pig and other fun stuff

Last night we watched the a new episode of Dinner Impossible with the new host Michael Symon. I just have to say. He. So. Rocks. Perhaps it is the Ohio girl in me who just can't resist the authentic Cleveland attitude. He just seems like he is having fun all the time! He is a great Iron Chef and I think that this show will be so much better with him at the helm. I mean, come on, last night he made bacon covered in chocolate with nuts. Everyone went wild for it. Gotta get me some of that chocolate covered bacon (how un-healthy of me is that?!).

Speaking of chocolate, my financial advisor invited me to a chocolate making class this evening at Sweet Cascades. If anyone is in downtown Ellicott City, you must stop by and try out some of their chocolates. We overindulged big time, truffles, sipping chocolate, Old Bay crab shaped chocolates (surprisingly good!) and even a chocolate covered jalapeno. As good as the chocolates were the owner was just as nice. Definitely a winner. We got to be hands on making our own truffles, the whole family was glad to have me come home!

As an added bonus, check out Gman's Picassa site for his stash of vacation pictures. Baby cuteness, girlie fabulousness, and just general fun. You don't even want to know what it costs to stay in a house that size in the middle of nowhere. Dirt. Cheap. My favorite one of Gman and I below--notice the new blondeness.

And for a Think Thin Thursday update, I stayed the same. Two weeks of comfort eating and spending time with my parents in the "house of snack" and I stayed exactly the same. Either I have learned to control things in proportion to my exercise or I am just darned lucky! Not particularly good as a motivator to eat right but I am glad not to have a gain to work off. I think that pounds that are hardest are those that I am losing for a second time! In 15 weeks only one week with a gain, not too shabby. 25.8 pounds total.


MPPs Mom said...

I REALLY like the blonde on you!!

Tree said...

You look fantastic, MM! The pics are super. Thank you for sharing!

Builder Mama said...

I just LOVE the blonde hair! You look fabulous!

Claudine said...


I came on your blog by pure chance and read that you have difficulties about byking for the moment. I would wish you to go on with your training because untill now you are so much motivated.
I'm from Belgium, Flanders in fact. I have breast cancer and am fighting against it with everything! chemo therapy, radiotherapy and all the rest.

Also I would like to motivate you for the triathlon!!! please go for it! if I could ... beleive me..

To wish you good luck I send you hereby a link with a marvellous chocolate receipe. I read that you are following a work shop about chocolate and since chocolate is one of our national prides I send it to you. Please forgive my mistakes in the language, I do my best.

I wish you good luck! and please take a look at my blog:

good luck!!! break a leg! (please don't ;))